The IBIS International family of companies had its inception in 1976. Since then IBIS has expanded internationally, with operatives and operations around the world.  We began as the investigation arm of Derek S.T. Baldwin’s Law Practice. Mr. Baldwin, a former Assistant Crown Attorney headed the litigation based law firm which had a significant criminal law and civil practice

Mr Baldwin had an extensive background intelligence work for the US Government and Private Investigations. He was joined by Lesley S. Bissett-Baldwin CFE. who had an comprehensive background in Medical Research, Labour Relations and Human Relations Management.

They continue to be worldwide partners in IBIS. Mr. Baldwin as Director of Worldwide Operations directs all IBIS Investigation and Protective projects worldwide; Ms Bissett-Baldwin directs all IBIS international and domestic Fraud Investigations and sets and maintains the  direction and tone of the firm throughout its global operations.

Team members with diverse skill sets and backgrounds were recruited, from the US, Canadian, UK and other Military forces, from various Police Departments, from Certain Intelligence Agencies and from many varied walks of life.

The firm began doing work primarily for Airlines, Law firms, Accounting firms and Insurance companies in the areas of Corporate Intelligence, Fraud Investigations and Protective Services. As we grew we expanded to International Due Diligence inquiries, work for Multi-National Corporations, Labor Dispute Consulting, and large, complex, cross-border Fraud Investigations.

Due to IBIS reputation for integrity, innovative solutions and dedication to its clients and as a result of outstanding references from our growing family of clients, by 1989 IBIS had expanded internationally in order to serve our client’s global interests. Ongoing recruiting had attracted a team of professionals unsurpassed in the public or private sector.

In 2009 IBIS had operations in over 45 countries worldwide. We continue to grow and to have ever widening influence in Fraud Investigations, Corporate Intelligence, and Asset Protection around the globe. IBIS is one of the most respected organizations of its type operating in the private or public sector anywhere



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